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Poster: t_m_c Date: Oct 9, 2016 4:40pm
Forum: software Subject: help fixing incorrect audio derivation

Evidently the .CHD file extension used by MAME ROMs is also used for audio. When the MAME 2003 Reference Set ( is derived, one of its CHDs is being 'transcoded' into an MP3 incorrectly.

I created a _rules.conf file to prevent this from happening, but the .conf file doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Here's a direct link to these rules in case it's helpful:

I'd appreciate any help or instructions that will let me help myself. Thank you!

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Poster: t_m_c Date: Oct 10, 2016 3:55pm
Forum: software Subject: Re: help fixing incorrect audio derivation

One update is that using a _rules.conf with the rule "CAT.ALL" and then a newline seems to do what I'm hoping for.

Maybe there is a bug with disabling MP3 derivation.